What to expect?

A Brief Teachers Guide To Using Splats.

Learn how this powerfully simple approach to drawing for engineering design will transform the way you teach STEM in your classroom.
Design a treehouse

What are the outcomes?

  • UNDERSTAND the need for developing design skills for success in STEM

  • IDENTIFY and draw the 5 core three dimensional objects for engineering design.

  • CONSTRUCT using these objects to create guidelines for design concepts.

  • DESIGN and communicate new ideas using these objects and design elements.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Online Orientation

    • Before we begin...

  2. 2
    • Message from Kylie & Glenn

    • Design Notebook - HOW TO USE A SPLAT FOR DESIGN

  3. 3
    • Identifying Geometric Origin [Theory]

    • How to draw and render a cube [Practical]

    • How to draw and render a cylinder [P]

    • How to draw and render a cone [P]

    • How to draw and render a sphere [P]

    • How to draw and render a square pyramid [P]

  4. 4
    • How to construct designs using 3D objects [T]

    • Stacking Cubes [P]

    • Connecting Cylinders [P]

  5. 5
    • Apply design elements [T]

    • Apply design elements [P]

  6. 6
    • Summary and reflection [T]

    • Chicken Coop Project Design Notebook

Aligns with ACARA General Capabilities

  • Numeracy

    Splats support students to visualise and mentally rotate 3D objects to develop fundamental spatial reasoning skills required for success in STEM.

  • Critical & Creative Thinking

    Splats support students to imagine possibilities, connect ideas and generate design solutions within authentic contexts.

  • Visual Literacy

    Splats supports students to understand how visual elements can create meaning, universal understanding and aid visual problem solving skills

Award Winning Instructors


Kylie Burrett

Kylie is a dynamic educator and award winning designer who aims to help teachers and students fulfil their creative potential. Professionally, Kylie has worked extensively as a media and education consultant for: ABC TV, Weta Workshop NZ, Chapman Entertainment UK, and for the past 5 years has been working in NSW schools resourcing and developing innovative STEAM programs. As co-creator of the Splat ® – Engineers Australia sponsored STEAM 3D design tool – Kylie’s creative out of the box thinking has demonstrated her exceptional capacity for innovation and developing tools, from concept to market, that support diversity in design.

Professional Learning

Our courses are offered as both AITSL Teacher Identified Professional Development and NESA Registered Hours. If you are a NSW teacher and require registered hours please email admin@splat3d.com

  • 2.1.2 Proficient Level – Apply knowledge of the content and teaching strategies of the teaching area to develop engaging teaching activities.

  • 6.2.2 Proficient Level – Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and/or system priorities.

High Quality Courses

AITSL advocates high quality professional learning occurs when training is:

  • Relevant

    Our courses are based on current research on effective pedagogy.

  • Collaborative

    Our courses use technology to enrich collaboration, learning and access to experts.

  • Future Focussed

    Our courses expose teachers to new and emerging practices and the research that underpins them.

What everyone is saying about Splats.


Peta NSW Head Teacher

My students love your tutorials and their sketching ability has sky rocketed. Peta Bourke Head Teacher TAS.



I love anything that’s going to assist students in executing mathematical outcomes. I wouldn’t share anything that I didn’t try and love... This makes drawing in 3D objects so easy!



Hey! I am so glad you took the risk and designed this little ripper! Having highly intellectually challenge and mostly non verbal students this was the be all and end all to them! Such creative kids seeing things in their minds but they have never been able to articulate those images and ideas onto paper!! Kylie thanks to you they now can! I have never seen them so happy! Honestly, thank you!


Bryce NSW D&T Teacher

Once I had shown my HT I hoped she was happy to get 20, she said no! They are brilliant get 60!


Christy WA Yr 5 Classroom Teacher

I just wanted you to know my order arrived and my students absolutely LOVED the Splats! We are practised using your video tutorials and then they were off, making their own designs.


Total Girl Magazine 2019

Think of it as the Swiss Army knife of drawing tools, putting together all the necessary items to create 3D designs and artworks. It's cheap, portable and you can view a heap of free tutorials...

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